Doctors across North America are signing up for MyDoctorCalls and raving about what it is doing for their practices.  Don’t just take our word for it…  Listen to what other doctors have to say about MyDoctorCalls:

“I have been teaching doctors and staff all over the world how to answer the phone when a new patient calls. The phone is the most important aspect of running a successful practice; it’s also the most neglected tool in most practices when it comes to making new patient appointments. My Doctor Calls does a fabulous job of making sure the phone is answered correctly at all times and I recommend their service to all my clients.”

– Erich Breitenmoser, DC
Practice Wealth

“When I began using MyDoctorCalls, I knew that it would be the "missing link" in my marketing plan. While I have consistently gained over 100 new patients each and every month in my startup practice for the last 7 years, MyDoctorCalls was exactly what I needed to market my practice even more effectively. Any dentist doing any marketing at all needs to have this amazing service now - or sooner if possible!”
– Steffany L. Mohan, DDS
Plaza Dental Group
Love My Practice
“With all the new technology that exists today, the phone is still that all-important personal touch side of communications for the practice.  I like My Doctor Calls so much that we integrated its platform into our It's IT Europe practice training program.  If you aren't tracking this part of your practice, you have a blind-spot that must be corrected and this is the solution.”
– Patrick Gentempo, Jr., DC
Action Potential Holdings
“I knew I had a great team of dental professionals, but because of My Doctor Calls, I now have an AWESOME dental team. Customer service is the most important job of a Front Desk Receptionist. You only get one chance at a first impression. My Doctor Calls helped us pinpoint the areas of customer service that we were lacking in to win over that first impression and start off a long and trusted relationship with our new patients. With My Doctor Calls I was also more proficient in the tracking of our ROI on the marketing that the office had invested so much time and money into. It was so easy to implement into the office and the women at the front desk love to hear their recorded calls. They get a real laugh out of the one’s that didn’t go well, learn what not to do the next time, and praise each other for the calls that went perfectly. I highly recommend My Doctor Calls to any dental team looking to step up the customer service to the highest level possible. Happy patients make for a VERY happy dental team.”
– Lisa, Office Manager
Breton Bay Dentistry
“When results are tracked they improve. When they are tracked and reported they exponentially improve. This is an amazing tool to do just that. To improve quality and conversion. I have referred all my marketing relationships to My Doctor Calls and they love it and refer it to their clients as well.”
– Garrett Gunderson
Freedom Fast Track
“The modern doctor suffers from many distractions in everyday practice. My Doctor Calls is one of the best ways to ensure that the first line of communication is being handled properly so that the doctor can truly BE THE DOCTOR. We enthusiastically recommend My Doctor Calls to all of our clients because it's so easy to use and gives instant feedback about one of THE MOST important aspects of a growing practice - the phone! My Doctor Calls is a no-brainer...”

– Barry Anderson, DC, and Daniel C. Bai, DC
Community Chiropractic Center
Everest Coaching

“My Doctor Calls is a no brainer for anyone who is marketing their practice. It lets you know if the marketing you are doing is generating calls to your office – and if it is, whether your staff is converting those calls into new patient appointments. It is a wonderful way to train your front desk staff by allowing you and them to review how they handle the incoming calls and evaluate their performance. The minimal fee for their services is well worth it to be sure your marketing dollars are well spent.”
– Michael Papendick, DDS
Waukegan Family Dental
“My Doctor Calls is over the top! Thanks for the excellent service.”

– Brad Glowaki, DC
Champion Chiropractic Seal Beach
New Patient Maven

“The My Doctor Calls application is the most innovative tool I have seen in years! Anyone who owns a practice should be recording their phone calls to make sure their patients are being handled properly. It’s a fundamental necessity.”

– Daniel J. Murphy, DC, DABCO
International Lecturer

“My Doctor Calls is a game changer in call tracking technology. Nothing else compares.”

– Vicki McManus
Productive Dentist Academy

“For years I've urged the doctors using my ads to track their results. Not just from the calls coming in, but the Return on Investment (ROI) for each ad campaign they run. Yet, we all get busy and tracking often falls by the wayside. But finally I've found a solution and it’s called My Doctor Calls. It is simply the best solution to tracking ads and staff phone training. Furthermore, this application will provide amazing improvements in your marketing.”

– Michael Beck, DC
DC Practice Tools

“Holding my team accountable is so easy with My Doctor Calls.”

– Aaron Bushong, DDS
Neighborhood Smiles

“Every doctor who has been in practice for more than two weeks knows how critical good telephone procedures and skills are to making all of your practice development efforts pay off. You spend time coaching your staff, providing scripts of how they are to answer the telephone, respond to questions, etc. – but when the telephone rings and you are seeing patients, you don’t really know what is being said. Now My Doctor Calls can change that forever. With this service you can record the incoming calls your office receives. You can then hear for yourself how well your staff is following your directions and how effective they are in managing your office telephone traffic.”

– Gerard W. Clum, DC
Past President
Life Chiropractic College West