• Increase your patient bookings by 10-50%
  • Generate higher quality calls to your practice
  • Grow your revenues without spending
    more money!

MyDoctorCalls is led by a Team of Internet Pioneers with a proven track record of helping doctors leverage the newest technologies and marketing strategies to grow their practices. After working with thousands of doctors as clients, we decided to build the MyDoctorCalls Web-based Application for one simple reason: Doctors desperately needed it!

Here are some statistics you should know about your practice:

  • 98% of your patients call first before booking an appointment.
  • 50% of the patients who have chosen not to continue visiting your practice have done so because of an experience they have had with your front desk staff.
  • Over 50% of your marketing spend is being wasted on ad placements that don’t produce a single new patient for your practice.

So what if you had access to an easy-to-use application that helped you eliminate blown phone calls, secure more new patients, and gain more revenues without spending more money? Well, now you do. Welcome to MyDoctorCalls!

MyDoctorCalls solves the problems that are currently affecting your practice by giving you the tools necessary to drive and convert more phone calls to booked appointments.

First, MyDoctorCalls reduces the amount of blown phone calls occurring at your front desk. The call recording features eliminate the guess work about what is being said between your patients and your staff members – and delivers highly effective staff training sessions.

Next, MyDoctorCalls allows you to stop wasting time and money on advertising or promotions that don’t measure up. Our application tracks where each call comes from, and provides you with new places to promote your practice.

Finally, MyDoctorCalls includes FREE Marketing Consultation.  That’s right; when you register for MyDoctorCalls it’s like hiring your own team of Professional Marketers that will work with you each step of the way to implement a marketing plan that will be both affordable and effective for your practice.